Travel Tips For Parents With A New Born.

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Is it safe to travel with a new born?

There is no standard regulation as such that you cannot travel with your new born. However, it is solely the decision of different airline services. While some airlines would be willing to carry a baby, who is few days old, some airlines might show a negative image about this. Also, new born babies do not have a strong immune power. They are likely to contaminate any virus or bacteria. The probability of them being exposed to danger is higher than an average child. Therefore, it would be better to avoid travelling with your baby just after few days of birth. However, if a situation occurs where you cannot avoid travelling, then the tips below can be used as a guide line on how to keep your baby safe.

Get your baby vaccinated.

Usually hospitals would vaccinate a new born against and viruses that commonly might occur to kids. But however, if you are planning on travelling with your baby to a new place with a different climate and atmosphere, then it is advisable for you to do your research. See about any endemic spreading in that area and ensure you ask your doctor to prescribe good baby antibiotics in case of an emergency.Be a smart packing parent.

When you pack things for your baby. Make sure you pack things which are important. Do not pack those goods which you could get on the plane. For example, you can get tissues or wet wipes from a flight attendant. Therefore, focus on more important items. In an ideal infant airplane travel kit, you should have a pacifier for your baby, a changing pad, a bunch of diapers that you use for your baby, a diaper disposable bag and the milk that your baby is recommended to have. It can be difficult to carry your baby in a trolley when you are in a plane.

It can also be painful for you to carry the baby in your arms throughout the journey. As a plane journey would take hours or even days to reach your destination. Therefore, the ideal to keep your baby safe during a plane travel would be an airline bassinet. This you can ask from a flight attendant to fix for you. This is ideal for your baby, as it is flexible, has ample of space for a baby and is comfortable.

Have courage and strength.

You need to keep saying that you are strong to handle your baby. This is to make you strong mentally as well as physically. If you are travelling with your partner, husband or spouse then take turns in taking care of the baby. Be prepared for situations such as ear pressure making your baby go wild. Have good ear guards for your baby when in the plane. If you start feeling that things are getting out of your hand, then ask for help. There is nothing wrong in asking for a little help or an advice from someone who knows better.