The Lie That Is The Dairy Industry

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You may have heard many a time that drinking cow’s milk is good for you and that it gives you many nutrients. In fact, not many adults would doubt that cow’s milk is in fact essential for human growth. The truth is however, these beliefs stem from the fact that the dairy industry invests billions of dollars every year in to brainwashing you in to thinking that you as a human adult somehow needs the breast milk of a cow to survive and thrive when in reality, the only milk your body ever needed was the breast milk of your own mother and that too only until you were able to digest solid food. If you were to unlearn everything that you have been taught and think about what cow’s milk is for a second, you would realize through your own common sense that it is in fact growth fluid meant for a baby newborn calf.

The hidden truth

However, the dairy industry along with compare milk all over the world do not want you to realize this fact and therefore, they invest billions in not only brainwashing you but also hiding the tragic and horrific truth about the dairy industry from you. A mammal, any mammal including a human only produces milk when she has given birth and only produces enough of milk for her own young. If you have given birth yourself, you will know just how difficult the process of giving birth and breast feeding is. Imagine then that we humans enslave billions of cows and forcibly impregnate them over and over again in order to make their bodies produce milk in order for us to steal it for our own consumption. After the dairy cow is impregnated through artificial insemination and kept pregnant for nine month like a human, the dairy industry takes away the new born calf as soon as he or she is born so that no milk goes to “waste”. These are the things the milk reviews will never tell you.This milk is the money maker for the dairy industry and therefore, a calf drinking his or her own mother’s milk is considered wastage of this money making milk and therefore, the calf, if a boy is sold off to the veal industry and if a girl is born, she is raised on artificial substances and hormones to make her pregnant as soon as possible and make her produce milk. A dairy cow is kept continuously pregnant throughout her short life until she can no longer sustain a pregnancy, usually at the tender age of four or five years at which point she is killed for beef.